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The property particulars we produce are a faithful and honest representation of what we have seen in situ and researched.
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What our Viewers and Purchasers have to say

A little world weary in terms of estate agents..details which were occasionally misleading or not meeting our requirements... it was a joy to find that Profile Homes offered a service which was 'different'.

There was a consummate professionalism demonstrated... veracity of the details provided... the plethora of photographs... really good view of the properties that we selected.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put in... a lot of the agents should take lessons from you... their service left a lot to be desired.

Your style of operation is refreshing & not consistent with the usual high street Estate Agent who always manages not to fully grasp what it is we are looking for.

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Profile Homes is a company owned by the people who run it on a day to day basis. Our extraordinarily good reputation proves that not every estate agency has to be the same.

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