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Owning a smallholding in Wales – is it a blessing or a curse?

Owning a smallholding in Wales – is it a blessing or a curse?

Our smallholding - Penybanc Farm - 21 Acres. In our case our four legged charges are two rescue Great Danes and a mixture of seven rescue ponies and horses. Some may say their financial upkeep is akin to throwing money down a big black hole but the pleasure they all bring us, (most of the time), is immeasurable. The exception being traipsing through driving rain, freezing and biting gale force winds and ultra slippery mud in order to convince them that being indoors is better for them. T.B.C…  

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SA19 9DU, Wales

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I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you profoundly for the amazing support and help you have been, which has truly been above and beyond the call of normal professionalism in the selling of my home.

Yvonne, Wales

We have now bought our home through Sue and Les and they have assisted us all the way with nothing too much trouble. Our own agent would be frequently unavailable and unable to answer or resolve our questions. Sue and Les were always available and smoothed our way so much that the purchase seemed almost effortless. We cannot recommend them highly enough for their efficient and highly professional operation.

Many thanks, Dave & Viv Cowdel